afterlightimageIf you couldn’t tell from the page, my name is Jenn and I’m a pretty big nerd from Austin, Texas. I’m obsessed with most things related to Disney and Harry Potter. I get overly excited about little things and can often be heard saying “This is the best day, ever!” I’m also a big fan of cute/useless things that take up minimal space… so if it’s a llama magnet or an octopus wearing a hat thumbtack, I love it. I’m constantly going on adventures with my partner-in-crime and you can often find those adventures on a story on Instagram. As of 2019, I’m on an adventure to being the best version of myself, so with all the nerdy traits I’ll be sharing, if I find something helpful, I’ll make sure to share. If you’re wanting to join me on this adventure, stay tuned! It’ll be quirky at the very least.